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Role models

Ally McBeal
Positive role model?
by Judith Schroeter

More and Cosmo
Confident magazines for women
by David Gauntlett

Men's friendships
Joey and Chandler
by Vegard Iglebæk

Men's magazines
Lessons in sexist attitudes?
by Lucy Brown

Gay identity
...And the media
by Ross Horsley

Fans and identity
The construction of Manics fans

by Francesca Skirvin

Advertising images
From freak to chic
by Reena Mistry

Queer theory for everyone?

by Reena Mistry

Ethnic Minorities
Media representations
by Reena Mistry

Men's magazines
Good news for men?

by Joe Sharples

Role models for men

The Spice Girls
(plus other stuff about role models)

by David

A feminist Fantasia?
by Mimi

Japanese Anime
Casually queer

by David

The Teletubbies
Will they make you gay?
by David



Slantgirl on Mulan