Like lots of other people recently, we've found Facebook to be an enjoyable social networking site.

Since the sites and are not very interactive - simply because I can make webpages but don't know how to do clever programming stuff - I realised that Facebook could be the place for greater interactivity in relation to these sites and these issues.

So I set up a group called ' and friends' on Facebook. Over 1,000 people joined it in the first few weeks, so it turned out to be a popular idea!

The group shares interesting news and links, has discussions, and so on.

But because Facebook won't allow me to send messages to such a big group, please also make sure you join our very occasional email list.

It would be lovely if you would join us in this Facebook networking experiment by joining the group at:

You may need to log into Facebook first, and then follow this link once you're in, for it to work. (Alternatively, just search for the group ' and friends' in Facebook).

If you're not already a Facebook member, you may not fancy this, but if you ever get persuaded to join the Facebook community then do come along and join us.

Thanks for joining!