New site: Making is Connecting
A new site about the forthcoming book 'Making is Connecting', which is about everyday creativity in terms of both Web 2.0 and other creative activity. The site features extracts and new videos (January 2010).

New video: Making is Connecting
A new talk by David Gauntlett, illustrated in Lego (April 2009).

New video: Participation culture, creativity, and social change
David Gauntlett's inaugural lecture, reduced to a 10-minute presentation of the key points (November 2008).

New video: Building models of learning in Lego
Edited, four-minute video of an activity where students built models of themselves as learners, in Lego (November 2008).

Nine Top Tips for Media Students
Our new nine-point guide to doing well as a media student. (September 2008).

Web 2.0 and everyday creativity
Learn about Web 2.0, Wikipedia, and online creativity. (September 2008).
Participation Culture, Creativity, and Social Change
London event on 12 November 2008.

Virtual Worlds research
We ran a conference on virtual worlds for children. You can see some of the presentations online. (May 2008).

Fully revised and updated second edition of Media, Gender and Identity is published, and the website includes new material to accompany the new book! (March 2008).

New video section featuring three videos we've made for YouTube (Feb 2008).

Children in Virtual Worlds conference on 22 May 2008. (Announced Feb 2008).

ArtLab site fully updated with new features (Jan 2008).

We've started a Facebook group called ' and friends'. Please join for discussions and interactivity! At the start of 2008 it had 1,350 members.
Online discussion about visual methods, from 27 July 2007, archived here.
New book, Creative Explorations: New Approaches to Identities and Audiences, published in 2007.
Media Studies 2.0: New online article on the future of the subject.
Site redesigned in November 2006.
Extracts from new book, Creative Explorations: New Approaches to Identities and Audiences (published in 2007), available here now.
Newly online: revised version of article Ten things wrong with the media 'effects' model, and the introduction chapter from Moving Experiences, 2nd edition.
Interview, published in Visual Studies - abridged version available here. David Gauntlett and Peter Holzwarth discuss creative methods.
Project working with Lego Serious Play to explore the links between creative production, self-expression and imaginative thought. See the online slideshow for an introduction to the approach.
And to celebrate, we have three new Lego sets, featuring Angela McRobbie, Stuart Hall, and the ArtLab.
ArtLab website includes several updates.
A Drawing A Day - frequently updated, now with over 430 drawings.
Moving Experiences, 2nd edition: Media effects and beyond, including a range of new material, including work on new ways of exploring media influences, recently published.
More updates coming soon!