Established in 1997, was initially a set of original online resources. In the modern age, however, information-sharing has become more collective - therefore my work in making simple online explanations of things is now done with the community of other lovely people at Wikipedia. Thousands of people are bound to be better than one.

However still offers a range of unique resources and features:

The Resource Archives
Lots of stuff, although some parts may be a bit old now. Includes role models, queer theory, Anthony Giddens, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, identity, Adorno, Gramsci, and more.
Nine Top Tips for Media Students
New for 2008, our nine-point guide to doing well as a media student.
Web 2.0 and everyday creativity
Learn about Web 2.0, Wikipedia, and 'Media Studies 2.0'.
What's new
We still keep adding all kinds of other things!
Media, Gender and Identity
Various articles and interviews available online, updated for the second edition in 2008.
Website about new creative and visual methods, with new material added in 2008.
Media effects
A recently updated selection of resources.
Theory Trading Cards
The popular educational card sets.