The Trading Cards PC Screensaver is a pleasant screensaver in which the nicest Trading Cards (Foucault, Hooks, Giddens, Butler, and Postmodernism) are poured onto your screen like raindrops.

At we realise that many screensavers are annoying and feature stupid things bouncing all over your screen - this is not one of those. It's a small download, it's completely free, and if you like the Trading Cards you'll probably like it. If not, you can always delete it from your computer anyway.

One satisfied user said "You could watch it all day - it's like watching snow fall."


Download the screensaver as this file (1.02 MB), or, if you don't have an unzipper program such as WinZip (or if you're not sure), then just download this setup.exe file (1.09 MB) which works just as well.

What to do: Save the file onto your hard disk when prompted, then when it's downloaded, double-click on the filename (in the place you just saved it to) in 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer' and it will be installed.

The Screensaver works with Windows XP and all versions of Windows. It's fully tested, it works, and there are no viruses or anything nasty in it, honest.

The above animation gives a rough idea of what the screensaver looks like, although in reality it's smooth and graceful, and features several different cards.


"It's a beautiful screen saver. I installed it this morning and am totally delighted!" - Kathy Adams, San Diego, USA

"Your screensaver rocks. I have to keep sitting at the computer not touching anything, waiting the 1 minute until it comes on." - Sarah Tooth, Adelaide, Australia

"The screensaver is great" - Sarah Bracking, Manchester, UK

"I love it!" - Mary Smith, Montreal, Canada