is essentially a static website which we redesign from time to time. We add new things and we respond to our readers. But we're basically a bit old-fashioned. (That's because I make it all myself and I don't have the skills to make a totally interactive database-driven website).

Nevertheless we're very excited about the ways in which 'Web 2.0' – which as basically the Web as it was always meant to be used – has enabled all kinds of people to be creative, to share the things they've made, and to collaborate with others.

We can offer you some handy guides to all this:

Making is Connecting (New!)
New 9-minute video on how Web 2.0 and other forms of creativity are all about people making meanings and fostering connections
Participation culture, creativity and social change
10-minute video linking Web 2.0 with a broader culture of creativity, and how this new culture of making things might help tackle social and environmental problems
The emergence of Web 2.0
What it is and where it came from
Wikipedia explained
Wikipedia is the classic instance of Web 2.0 in action. Here we see how it works, why it works, and why it's interesting
Media Studies 2.0
Connected to these developments, a new look at what 'media studies' should be about